LEAF 2018-19 Resource Guide & Parts Catalog

MEN’S ROTAX ® TEAM POLO SHIRT This quality black polo shirt has a ribbed collar and cuffs, 3-button label with fishbone tape and Rotax embroidery on the front. 70% cotton, 30% polyester. Sizes run small. Description Part No. Price 48 (2XL) 583 044 $59.95 50 (3XL) 583 045 $59.95 Men’s Arrow T-Shirt Features Rotax’s “The Power To Excite” logo. Charcoal gray, 100% Cotton. Sizes run small. 48 (2XL) 583 004 $45.12 Th e Oil Filt er Bib ca t c h es th e o il and the oil filter without spilling a drop. The Oil Filter Bib is designed to slip around the oil filter and the adapter to form a seal so you can remove the oil filter without creating an oily mess. • for horizontal and angle mounted filters • withstands high engine temps • great for filters in tight places • fits any size filter • disposable Description Part No. Price 3 Pack H4003 $9.95 10 Pack H4010 $29.95 INSTRUMENTS COMPASSES Description Part No. Price 2-1/4” Panel Mount Compass (Unlighted) G4400 $87.95 2-1/4” Panel Mount Compass (Lighted) G4400L $96.50 2-1/4” Top Mount Compass (Lighted) G4401 $94.50 Vertical Card Compass 14V with top mount bracket. Designed after the Hamilton units. G8227 $204.50 CHTs & EGTs Description Part No. Price 2-1/4” Single CHT Kit Includes 14mm CHT sender and square gauge. G2246F $54.50 2-1/4” Single EGT Kit Includes EGT gauge & 1” tip, clamp-on type probe. G2251F $74.50 More CHTs & EGTs, Probes and Senders on Page 6 2-1/4” Dual CHT/EGT Kit EGT ranges from 700-1700°F; CHT ranges 100-700°F. Includes gauge, one 14mm CHT sender, and one 1” clamp on EGT probe for Rotax ® 2-stroke engines. G2295F $104.95 3-1/8” AIRSPEEDS Description Part No. Price 0-120 MPH with Pitot Tube Kit (Part No. G8117) G8111 $134.95 0-150 MPH with Pitot Tube Kit (Part No. G8117) G8113 $134.95 FUEL LEVEL GAUGES 2-1/4” Square Gauge G4000F $44.50 2-1/4” Dual Fuel Gauge G4004F $69.50 More Airspeeds on Page 3, Fuel Senders on Page 5 2-1/4” BANK & SLIP Description Part No. Price 10-10 scale, 1” total depth. G8210 $51.95 3-1/8” Altimeter 0-20,000 3-Pointer Sensitive Altimeter with Kollsman window, 20’ increments. Reads in inches. G4355 $309.95 G4400 G4400L G8227 G4401 G2246F G2295F G2251F G8111 G8113 G4000F G4004F 912/914 Oil Pressure Sensor Relocation Kit Mount your oil pressure sensor off the engine and greatly increase its life. Includes threaded adapters and 36” braided hose with UNF connections. Kits offered by other companies force you to run additional wiring or replace your sensor in order for their kits to work. Our kit retains the sensor ground needed so you can use your original sensor. Kits can also be used to install additional accessories like parallel oil pressure sensors or oil pressure switches. Retrofitting an existing system? Not sure of what threads you currently have? Contact our technical support department and we can help. Custom kits available. Description Part No. Price Std, 1/8 NPT H4005 $64.95 Metric, 10x1.00 H4014 $64.95 OIL FILTER BIB BEST SELLER! INCREASES ENGINE LIFE! SELF-CONTAINED STROBE LIGHT SC-103 by Kuntzleman Description Part No. Price Designed for ultralight use where an external 12V DC source (battery) is available. This stainless steel strobe is 2-1/2” dia. at the base and 4” tall and uses the same lens and flash tube as the Single Magnum Smart Strobe Part No. G8290 (page 9). Visible at three statute miles (FAR 103 requirement). The flash is in a single pattern at 42 per minute, power consumption is 500 ma., 7.5 ounces. More LED Lights on pages 8-9 G8234 $99.00 Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice CUSTOMER SERVICE 1-262-763-4087 FAX 1-262-763-1920 Visit our Web Store at leadingedgeairfoils.com 139